So this is dad, I presume…

So this is dad I presume, so glad you could be here, this is aunique and wonderful moment!

Bridget Jones’s baby – Dr Rawlings

I think this is the funniest scene of the film, Emma’s face is absolutely fantastic! I can’t stop laughing 😂

The story is about a pregnant Bridget on the hunt to discover which of the two men is the father to her unborn baby. Emma (perfect and nice as usual) joins as Bridget’s ob-gyn, Dr Rawlings.

Emma, seems to me, raises the level of the film.

She is also the co-writer of the script.

Dear Emma, since you have become an Italian citizen, start getting used to hear yourself speak Italian! 😂

Emma Thompson

Qui c’è la versione in italiano con la voce della doppiatrice ufficiale di Emma, la bravissima Emanuela Rossi.

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