Late night (2019)

Katherine Newbury is a famous late night talk show host, whose career is in decline. She is selfish and unfriendly and she is considered as a woman who doesn’t like women. She is likely to be replaced so she tries to revamp the show and she hires (as racial quota) Molly Patel, a young Indian woman, who is the only woman in an all male writers’ room.

They all consider her as a diversity hire so Molly struggles to prove her abilities and to help the unkind Katherine revitalize the show.

Mindy Kaling, who stars as Molly in the supporting role, is also the screenplayer of the film.

Thanks to her performance, Emma received the nomination for best actress at the Golden Globe Awards.

The film is a nice comedy – drama that tackles a lot of issues as racial and sexual discrimination.

The funniest scene is when Katherine drives to Coney Island to ask Molly to come back. She climbs up six flights of stairs cursing and swearing the whole time. Emma is really hilarious when she plays that way 😁

Amusing and brilliant movie.

I need your pushiness – Late night

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