Walking the dogs (2012)

Today I’m going to talk about one of Emma’s lesser-known interpretations, a short-film in which she plays the role of Queen Elizabeth II, woken up by an intruder.

Queen Elizabeth II – Emma Thompson

It is based on a real break-in, that took place in 1982 by an out-of-work man.

Emma Thompson – Queen Elizabeth

While a Buckingham Palace guard attending to Queen Elizabeth ‘s room had taken her dogs for a walk, a man burst into her room for a chat with the Queen.

Emma Thompson – Queen Elizabeth

Emma’s performance is very elegant, she really looks like a noblewoman.

Emma Thompson – Queen Elizabeth

In this tv drama, the intruder and his queen spend ten minutes talking about life, love, freedom and family before the police take the man away; a peaceful dialogue and the queen’s friendly attitude make the scene completely still as if it was suspended in the void.

The scene ends with a thoughtful queen at the window.

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