The children act (2017)

Even in dramatic roles, Emma’s presence lights up the screen and it is always pleasant to be in her company.

I feel a kind of affection towards her as if she were an old friend of mine. I recognize her facial expressions, so familiar to me.

The Children Act showcases another powerful performance from Emma Thompson, who shows us once again her ability to play drama roles.

Her expressions range from suffering to compassion, tenderness, disappointment, pain. This is one of the most complex and dramatic roles in which I have seen Emma try her hand.

In this movie I feel strong empathy with Fiona Maye, she is a judge with a strong personality who tries to be as rational as possible when she has to decide the fate of a seventeen year old boy with leukemia.

The consequences of her ruling will upset the lives of the people involved.

Fiona is totally absorbed in work and her marriage is falling apart but maybe it’s not too late to save it.

Fair performance of the promising young actor Fionn Whitehead.

The children act – the kiss

Look at her face after this forbidden kiss! I love the guilty and dumbfounded expression on Emma’s face, it seems to say: what the hell did I do?!

Simply fantastic! 😁

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