Much ado about nothing (1993)

Much ado about nothing

Much ado about nothing is a romantic comedy film based on the play written by William Shakespeare in 1599. The plot is reduced to a minimum in favour of the verbal delight.

In a lovely and sun drenched setting in Italy, Kenneth Branagh directs the movie and play the role of Benedick, opposite Beatrice played by Emma Thompson, his real wife at that time. In the movie they are involved in a love tussle that amuses the audience.

Much ado about nothing is definitely a well-made comedy, full of witty jokes and magnificent eloquence, the actors are young and beautiful and yet there’s something in it that I don’t like. Maybe Branagh? I can’t deny that I have a strong dislike for him since he cheated on Emma.

It’s weird but I can’t stand movies in which the two act together.

Nonetheless I must admit that it is a good film.

Emma is hilarious and teasing, she is very confident and comfortable in her role and her mother is in the cast as Ursula.

Much ado about nothing – Pic nic scene

Then sigh not so, but let them go,

And be you blithe and bonny,

Converting all your sounds of woe

Into hey nonny, nonny.

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