Stop dictatorship in Europe

“While the world is focused on saving lives from coronavirus, president Lukashenko, better known as Europe’s last dictator, is taking advantage of this to arrange elections on august 9th. The organization for security and cooperation in Europe, the international election monitor has not recognized any elections in Belarus as free and fair since 1995. Over the last month more than 500 people received administrative arrest and fines, currently there are 31 such people in jail charged with criminal offenses and the numbers are increasing rapidly. So today I, Emma Thompson, British actor, appeal to Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of my country to make use of the power of morality in politics and to urge Alexander Lukashenko to release all political prisoners and allow citizens to exercise their basic human rights of assembly and freedom of expression in order that the people of Belarus can make their own free choice to elect the next leader of their country. Stop dictatorship in Europe! I am with the banned”.

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