Imagine that…

How can you always be so sweet and giving, so empathetic and emotional?

You are wonderfully beautiful inside and outside. Thanks for being there, Emma!

“Imagine getting up in the morning and seeing that, right, you got a spot (I got a spot, sorry, myself actually) and you got a spot and you don’t think that the world’s come to an end, you just put a bit… dub a bit of something on it and walk out into the world because you’re so happy with yourself and your space that you can just take that space and that you don’t need to apologize for yourself, imagine that, that would be a great place to be. Imagine getting up in the morning and just putting on your clothes without even having to think about whether they make you look one way or the other because you know that your space in the world is assured, you’re allowed to be whatever you want or need to be and you’re welcome like that. Imagine that…”

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