What do her colleagues think about Emma?

Hugh Grant: “Emma is a genius who is not remotely sane. She’s nuttier and nuttier as the years go. She is clever, funny and mad as a chair”.

Beanie Feldstein: “Having someone like Emma Thompson walk on a set with a box of chocolate for the entire crew, it was like a warm, delicious hug of talent coming around you and blessing your film. Now I’m like, ‘Okay, great, I have to bring chocolates to everything because that’s what Emma Thompson did.’ It was like rainbows and sunshine and delicious warmth injected into the set.”

Riccardo Scamarcio: “She is an exceptional and sensitive person and an all-round artist”.

Dustin Hoffman: ““It’s great to work with her, she’s unique in the sense that she’s the only actor I’ve ever worked with who doesn’t care where the camera is, she turns her back, she’s so involved in the scene”.

Fionn Whitehead: “She is amazing, so lovely, so giving, an incredible actress! She’s a lovely human being and a safe pair of hands. Every scene we had felt like it had an incredibly high level of distress and emotion, plus a lot never felt like they had a definite ending. But it was made so much easier by having Emma around – she was so loving and kind. It was really great to be able to talk to her openly and chat and joke around and everything to defuse the tension at the end of the day”.

Maggie Gyllenhaal: “She’s cooked me roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, while acting and writing and producing a huge, multimillion-dollar studio movie. This comes through in all of the things she writes and the movies she acts in”.

Hugh Laurie: “Everything she did just oozed talent. She said talented things, she wore talented clothes, she rode a talented bicycle, she made talented spaghetti. She is a truly remarkable person, a very good friend, and I could not be prouder”.

Emilia Clarke: “It was extraordinary. I’ve admired and loved Emma from afar for my entire life, and getting to play her daughter and to now be her friend is just the most miraculous Christmas gift I could ever ask for. She became a mentor of mine and I’m incredibly grateful that she’s in my life. She just looked at me one day and went, ‘Darling, just do what brings you joy. Do whatever it is that brings you joy’. And I think about that quite a lot”.

Meryl Streep: “Emma makes you want to kill yourself because she’s a beautiful artist, she’s a writer, she’s thinker, she’s a living, acting conscience”.

Kate Winslet: “I remember when I went to Emma Thompson’s house when I was much younger and didn’t have an Oscar. Her Oscar was on the back of the loo and I picked it up and then years later I was giving my own speech”.

Stanley Tucci: “I always had a huge crush on her and I’m saying it in front of the camera”.

Mindy Kaling: “She is my favorite actor and from Much ado about nothing till The remains of the day I just wanted to write something for her”.

Stephen Fry: “Emma was so obviously gifted that her nickname was Emma Talented. Like Athena, she seemed to have been born fully armed. Among her weapons were a knack for character and boundless charisma”.

Adam Sandler: “She is a force and as an actress she is incredibly risk-taking and just as a human being she never plays it safe. I’ve never seen anybody like Emma, she is a strong, funny, great person and makes everybody feel comfortable, and sharp as hell and tells you what she’s feeling, she’s a 10.”

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