Tilda Swinton honored by the Venice Film Festival

Tilda Swinton – Golden Lion

British actor Tilda Swinton has been honored by the 2020 Venice Film Festival with Golden Lion for career achievement.

During her acceptance speech the actress referred to Venice as “the most venerable and majestic film festival on Earth” and then she said “It’s so great to see those cruise ships gone” referring to the battle of the environmentalists against the passage of the polluting great ships in the lagoon of Venice.

Tilda Swinton against cruise ships in Venice

Unexpectedly the Rai Tv censored this part of the speech not including it in the Italian subtitles, but I’m convinced that she decided to say it at the last moment, therefore the direction was not in possession of that part of the speech.

Some things are good to keep hidden to the last to avoid that someone prevents us from expressing our point of view on a very important issue.

Tilda Swinton and Emma Thompson

Emma Thompson, who recently became citizen of Venice, has always fought against the shameful income of cruise ships in Venice.

Emma speaks Italian

Emma speaks Italian against the cruise ships in Venice.

“Sto con i cittadini di Venezia perché il ritorno delle maxi navi è impensabile”.

“I’m with the citizens of Venice because the return of the maxi ships is unthinkable”.

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