TIFF Tribute Actor award

Congrats to the wonderful Anthony Hopkins who received the TIFF Tribute Actor awards.

Anthony Hopkins

The gala was held virtually due to COVID-19.

This award is yours,” Hopkins told first responders and front-line workers. He stars in The Father, a drama film directed by Florian Zeller in which he plays an old man who is losing his mind. The film also stars Olivia Colman, playing Anthony ‘s daugther who has to face her father’s mental deterioration.

Anthony Hopkins is astonishing. In a recent interview, when Emma was asked why it’s so good to act with Hopkins, she answered “He watches and listens and he’s completely without defenses or any internal systems that might get in the way. He’s not protecting himself. You know that you can do anything and what will come back from him has nothing to do with the actor and everything to do with the part. He’s remarkable in that way”.

For me Hopkins/Thompson remains the most close-knit couple of the cinema.

The father starring Anthony Hopkins

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