Sophie Thompson

Let’s get to know Sophie, Emma’s younger sister.

Sophie Thompson is best known for characterful roles in theatre and on screen. She started on Four weddings and a funeral, Persuasion, Emma, Eat pray love, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and so on.

She said she was a shy girl but having grown up with theatre she realized that that was her true calling.

“My family has an innate sense of joy and absurdity about being alive and having the opportunity to enjoy this world that we are in” she affirmed.

Away from acting, Sophie and Emma broke a court injunction while filming a baking competition on a fracking site, protesting with some Greenpeace activists and peacefully occupying the land, despite demonstrators being banned from that place.

The two sisters are very close and have never been in competition.

I hope someday they make a movie together, that would be great!

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