Stage dresses

Let’s examine in this case the clothes worn to shoot the last scene of Sense and sensibility, taking place outside the church.

Elinor and Edward attend Brandon and Marianne’s wedding ceremony: she wears a gown with a long train, with burgundy velvet inserts and a bonnet decorated with ribbon and flowers.

Edward wears an elegant black suit embellished with velvet buttons on the coat and a dark hat.

I found the photos online, looking through this blog.

2 thoughts on “Stage dresses

  1. It’s lovely, isn’t it! According to Emma Thompson’s script that is a double wedding, so it’s actually Elinor Dashwood’s wedding attire. A printed muslin gown with a silk velvet spencer – the iconic jacket of the era.

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    1. Hello Mr Elton and thanks for your qualified comment. It’s true, there are two marriages and Emma’s dress is wonderful, even if Colonel Brandon and his wife steal the spotlight with the charm of the uniform.

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