The song of lunch

In 2010, Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman were reunited for the adaptation of a Christopher Reid’s poem.

The Song of Lunch is a 47 minutes long short film about a book editor who leaves his office for lunch to meet a woman fifteen years after their breakup.

Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson

She has married a successful writer and lives a glamorous life in Paris; he is filled with regrets, anger and nostalgia.

The film has very little spoken dialogue and mainly driven by Rickman’s interior monologues.

During the lunch he experiences mixed feelings, he drinks a bottle of wine all by himself and orders another one, has flashbacks in which he relives the good times that they had spent during the past. So he gets drunk and falls into a state of unconsciousness and sleepiness.

Emma Thompson – The song of lunch

During this state of unconsciousness he goes to the restroom and then goes up to the terrace, fainting.

He remains on the terrace for a while and suddenly he realizes that he has to go back to the table but now the restaurant is empty and she is gone.

Emma and Alan Rickman give their best and their facial expressions mean much more than the words itself.

Emma Thompson – The song of lunch

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