Thanks 😊

Thank you Greg and Emma for your kind letter and for signing the photos I sent. I’m so happy 😁❤️

I wish you all the best! Arrivederci a Venezia 🙂

Autographs – Greg Wise and Emma Thompson

5 thoughts on “Thanks 😊

  1. Dear myriam, I am an aspiring autograph collector, I would be delighted if you mind inform me on the way you managed to get mrs thompson’s autograph as she is registered in the hamilton hoddell agency which closed its fanmail service since march 2020.

    I am currently seeking to send a letter to a talent who is also registered at this agency and would be grateful if you mind give me any tip that would be useful for me.

    Congratulations for your blog anyway, Mrs Thompson is indeed a talented actress.


    1. Hi a c, I have this autograph from some years, when Hamilton Hodell was not closed for emergency Covid but I decided to post it only now. I was lucky to pick the right time 🍀😁
      Thanks for your kind words about the blog.


    2. I apologize for the mistake, when I read your comment I I thought you were referring to Emma’s photo, on the other page. I got this autograph from Greg Through his agency and probably Emma was with him and added a greeting. The address is:
      Greg Wise
      c/o Gordon&French
      12-13 Poland Street
      London W1F 8QB
      United Kingdom


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