Did you know that…

… Emma produced the film “Sold”, starring Gillian Anderson, based on a Patricia McCormick’s novel, which is based on real-life accounts?

Sold is about slavery in modern India, a topic close to Emma, who has always fought for equality between men and women and against poverty, which is the main cause of social inequalities.

“Because of ‘Sold’s’ marvelous script and courageous and brilliant cast, it is a story that we can all watch – so that we may understand the processes of slavery in modern India and feel able to act without feeling the kind of rage and hopelessness that gets in the way of doing anything,” Emma Thompson said.

Against extinction

Emma and other artists and wildlife activists from around the world, will protest on November 30th during the Remembrance Day for Lost Species.

On the brink – Remembrance Day for Lost Species

200 species go extinct every day and our duty is to lend our voices to save them.

The event will take place online on November 30th at 7pm GMT to commemorate Remembrance Day for Lost Species (www.lostspeciesday.org).

Many writers will speak to specific animals at threat from extinction; Emma will talk on the puffin.

On the brink

The Activate Collective

Activate Collective

The UK parliament is male-dominated, two thirds of the British Parliament is made up of men and this situation is no longer tolerable.

A new political fund for women called Activate, has launched with the aim of supporting women from underrepresented groups to run for office.

Emma Thompson donated £50,000 to support the first group of female candidates from poor and disadvantaged backgrounds.

These candidates are 11 women running for different parties in the local and mayoral elections across five parts of England.

The list comprises one disabled woman and some women of colour. Seven of the candidates are from working class. 

Emma tells why she has decided to support this initiative “Our political system was built for men who — generally — had women to do everything else for them. Women are often the providers of that unpaid support rather than beneficiaries, therefore women who wish to enter the political system need financial support — and women of colour, disabled women and women on low income need particular support to overcome multiple barriers to their participation.”

Emma in aid of East Anglia’s children’s Hospices

We should all fly less

Emma is actively involved to defend the environment but in April 2019 she was lambasted for her decision to fly from the US to attend a climate change protest in central London.

When the interviewer asked if she was prepared for all the criticism and accusations of being a hypocrite se said: “I may well be hypocritical by flying but I’m conscious of flying so I fly much less, but sometimes I have to when I’m working. But I’ll continue to find ways to get to places without flying”.

I think they’ve been looking for a pretext to discredit her activism because that clearly annoys someone in high places.

Emma Thompson