Not that kind of love

‘People die. The love, the joy, the wonder does not die. The ephemeral nature of our existence creates this power, and we keep the joy of the fleeting touch within us, and carry it with us for the rest of our journey. I hope so, anyway’.

This a delicate testimony of how love is able to overcome death.

All of us should read this book, give it to our loved ones, open it on a random page when we are depressed, disappointed or upset.

Thanks, Clare and Greg.

Clare and Greg Wise

William the turkey

Did you know Emma is not only an Oscar-winning actress and screenwriter but also a skillful writer? She has written many children’s book about the most famous rabbit on the planet, Peter Rabbit.

Since she was a child, she loved Beatrix Potter and her simple style, so she admitted “when Mr Peter Rabbit invited me to write a further tale, I was honoured” and the first exciting adventure of Peter Rabbit, written with a dry humour in 2012, proved to be a big hit and it was featured in the “New York Times Bestsellers list” twice!

In The Christmas tale of Peter Rabbit, Peter has a new friend, William the turkey.

The story is inspired by a real turkey named William, that Emma met on Beatrix Potter’s farm in the Lake District.

Their meeting was really fun 😂

William the turkey