Did you know that…

… during the shooting of Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang, there was a bizarre problem with animals in one scene?

The piglets were not giving listening to the director.

The main problem that White and the crew members were forced to face on set was the scene where the pigs run away from the children: the pigs had a lot of fun being caught and pampered and, consequently, they didn’t like the idea of having to flee.

Did you know that…

… part of the cast of Bridget Jones’s diary appears in Harry Potter?

Jim Broadbent (who plays Bridget’s father in the film), Gemma Jones (who plays her mother), Emma Thompson (the gynecologist) and Shirley Henderson (BFF Jude) all four starred in the Harry Potter saga.

Their roles in fact were those of Professor Horace Slughorn, Madam Poppy Pomfrey, Professor Sybil Trelawney and Moaning Myrtle.

Did you know that…

…the scene in which Pamela Travers gets on the ground and digs was Emma Thompson’s idea?

Paul Giamatti and Emma Thompson

According to the script she should only have kneeled but Emma said, “No, she should properly sit down on her ass on the ground.”

And that physical act has been great because it has changed the way of seeing Pamela.

Did you know that…

… Emma produced the film “Sold”, starring Gillian Anderson, based on a Patricia McCormick’s novel, which is based on real-life accounts?

Sold is about slavery in modern India, a topic close to Emma, who has always fought for equality between men and women and against poverty, which is the main cause of social inequalities.

“Because of ‘Sold’s’ marvelous script and courageous and brilliant cast, it is a story that we can all watch – so that we may understand the processes of slavery in modern India and feel able to act without feeling the kind of rage and hopelessness that gets in the way of doing anything,” Emma Thompson said.

Did you know that…

… the character Emma felt closest to was Margaret Schlegel?

Margaret Schlegel – Howards End

Emma described her as a sort of loud-mouthed bluestocking with a conservative side, but who finally had to survive breaking the rules.

She felt connected with that character because they had much in common.

That was the only time that Emma wrote to someone asking him to give her the part because she knew how to do it.

Did you know that…

… Emma showed up naked during the shooting of Saving Mr Banks?

Bradley Whitford – Saving Mr Banks

Bradley Whitford, during The Queen Latifah Show, told they were filming a scene in which Emma was not on screen, so she had taken off the stage clothes and was wearing a comfortable robe.

Whitford was singing “Let’s go fly a kite” and Emma suddenly stood up and opened her robe, staying behind the camera.

She was wearing nothing underneath of the robe but two breast pasties depicting Mickey Mouse 😁