Did you know that…

… Emma loves Edimburg Festival Fringe?

Emma Thompson at the Edimburg Festival Fringe

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is packed with all sort of artists and a huge range of shows covering anything from comedy, theatre, dance, cabaret, music, children’s shows, exhibitions and much more.

“To me, it’s a proper cultural well, and you can drink from it. I go see young women’s writing, see what they’re speaking of. Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie and I won the first Perrier Award (now the Edinburgh Comedy Awards). We went to the festival every year and played sketch comedy, and it’s where the three of us cut our teeth. We learned a lot. And I’m still learning” she said.

Did you know that…

… Emma played the role of a mother in a film in which the actor who played her son was actually only two years younger than her?

Emma Thompson – The legend of Barney Thomson

In The funny comedy “The legend of Barney Thomson” she played Robert Carlyle’s mother and Carlyle is only two years younger than her but evidently the film makeup artists did an excellent aging job on her face.

Did you know that…

… Emma and Hugh Grant kissed on the set of Sense and sensibility but the scene was eventually cut?

Hugh Grant and Emma Thompson kissing

The film originally featured a scene with a kiss between Elinor and Edward but the tender scene in which the shy man almost asks permission to kiss her was deleted because it was felt to be inappropriate for Jane Austen’s time.

In fact in the movie there is no scene of kisses on the mouth, just kissing of hands and bows.