Who is Leo Grande?

Dear Emmaholics, as you know Emma is busy shooting the new film Good luck to you Leo Grande in which she plays a middle-aged woman in search of adventures and runs into a young man who calls himself a sex-therapist.

The name of the young actor who should play the part of 20-year-old Leo is not yet known. Who would you prefer in this role? Among the young actors I really like Fionn Whitehead, who has already worked brilliantly with Emma in The children act and I also like Thomas Brodie Sangster.

Come on, let’s bet for fun: who do you think will play the role of Leo?

Make a prediction on our Facebook page about who will be the male protagonist of the film 🙂

Elinor, Edward and Lucy

Lunchtime. Long rehearsal with Imogen Stubbs as Lucy, in the scene where Edward comes in and finds her with Elinor. There are eighteen setups. It will take two days. […] Very difficult scene and all a little tired but good concentration nonetheless. Four people in a room, each with entirely different motives and reactions to the same situation… – Emma Thompson (Sense and Sensibility Diaries)

Supporting actors: Paul Giamatti

Saving Mr. Banks is about the story that linked Walt Disney and Pamela Lyndon Travers, author of Mary Poppins.

In the film, Paul Giamatti plays Ralph, the only fictional character in the screenplay, who is the writer’s personal driver.

Paul Giamatti – Saving Mr. Banks

Ralph is very kind and somehow befriends the impossible Mary Poppins author P.L. Travers.

He is a great actor, even just as a driver in a supporting role and the scene in which the two greet each other at the airport is very emotional and delicate.

Paul Giamatti playing Ralph

She reveals that she considers him the only American she ever liked and she signs a book for Ralph’s daughter, a girl with disabilities, who is in a wheelchair.

Emma Thompson and Paul Giamatti

Great chemistry between them.

Carrington (1995)

England 1915. Dora Carrington, a young painter, meets Lytton Strachey, a pacifist and homosexual writer.

They start a complicated platonic relationship, she loves him with a deep and poignant love but she doesn’t give up on relationships with other men.

Jonathan Pryce and Emma Thompson – Carrington

She is aware that Lytton can’t love her as a man loves a woman because he is physically attracted to men, but he shows tenderness towards Carrington and he likes to spend time with her.

Their relationship fits no conventional mold and is not expressed in ordinary ways. The complex bond between them has romantic undertones.

Emma Thompson – Dora Carrington

On his deathbed, in delirium, Strachey declares his love to her and she is shocked, and when he dies she loses all interest in life and commits suicide.

Emma is fantastic as always in playing a complicated and multi-nuanced character, who seems to pass easily from one bed to another but who suffers from the unrequited love she has towards Lytton.

Emma Thompson – Carrington

By that time Emma had already played characters who had suffered from unrequited love: Miss Kenton in The remains of the day and Margaret Schlegel in Howards End.

Emma Thompson and Jonathan Pryce – Carrington