Eating gelato 🍦

Alessandro Glorio, of Café Gelato in Norwich, met Emma Thompson and Daryl McCormick, the stars of the film Good Luck To You, Leo Grande. They both enjoyed a well earned treat of Italian gelato during the shot of the new film.

Alessandro Glorio with Emma Thompson and Daryl McCormack

The man was delighted to start a conversation in Italian with Emma.

Daryl McCormack

Mr Glorio said: “The day of the filming we had an unexpected surprise, Emma Thompson came in. There was another surprise, she started to speak with us in a very good Italian.

“We immediately felt at ease with her, a lovely easy going person and a really expert of Italian gelato. Adorable.”

Daryl McCormack

Emma wears Indian-style dress in images taken on set of ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It?’

Emma Thompson worked late into the night on location in a West London street to shoot scenes for the forthcoming romantic comedy What’s love got to do with it?

Emma Thompson and Lily James

She was captured by photographers in a beautiful traditional Indian dress, with the actress Lily James.

They appeared joyful and radiant.

In the film, written by Jemima Khan and directed by Shekhar Kapur, Emma plays Cath, the opinionated mother of Lily James’s character Zoe.

Emma Thompson dons Indian dresses

Supporting actors: Celia Imrie

Celia Imrie is a wonderful British actress, very gifted in comic roles.

In Nanny McPhee she plays the role of Mrs Quickly, the betrothed to Mr. Brown.

Celia Imrie – Mrs Quickly

Unfortunately, great aunt Adelaide (Angela Lansbury) issues an ultimatum to her nephew: she will stop giving the family the allowance which they depend on unless Mr Brown remarries within the month. If he refuses, the family will lose everything, so Mr. Brown is forced to marry the exuberant lady played by Celia Imrie.

Colin Firth and Celia Imrie – Nanny McPhee

She is fantastic as usual and she looks visually appealing thanks to her colorful and flashy costumes and her messy yellow hair and her heavy makeup.

Emma Thompson and Celia Imrie

Great performance, really funny.

Nanny McPhee

Today is the 15th anniversary of the comedy fantasy film Nanny McPhee, that was released in theaters on January 27, 2006.

It starred Emma Thompson, Colin Firth, Angela Lansbury, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Imelda Staunton and Celia Imrie.

Emma Thompson wrote the screenplay which is adapted from Christianna Brand’s Nurse Matilda books.

The Nanny McPhee poster

Actor and screenplayer

Emma Thompson is the only actor ever to win Oscars for both acting and writing.

She won Best Actress in 1993 for her role (Margaret Schlegel) in Howards End and she was awarded for her Sense and Sensibility screenplay in 1996.

She has contributed to several movie screenplays.

Here’s a list of movies she has had a hand in writing.

1. Sense and sensibility

It was her first ever movie screenplay and she spent five years perfecting the script. When she won the Oscar for the Best Adapted Screenplay, she became the only person ever to have won the Academy Award for both acting and writing.

The film starred Emma, Hugh Grant, Kate Winslet and the late and unforgettable Alan Rickman.

2. Wit

It’s a very painful TV movie. Emma stars as an English Literature professor diagnosed with ovarian cancer, offering a portrayal of how the disease can change a person’s life.

Emma continuously breaks the fourth wall by looking straight into the camera and clearly expressing all her feelings, as if she were a detached and involved narrator at the same time.

3. Nanny McPhee and Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang

Emma wrote and acted in these funny family movies based on the Nurse Matilda novels by Christianna Brand. She plays the part of an ugly and scary nanny who has to re-educate kids too lively.

It is a Mary Poppins type story in which the governess uses magic to rein the behavior of the children.

4. Effie Gray

It’s a period drama based on the real-life scandal that shocked Victorian-era England; this movie tells the story of the triangle involving Euphemia “Effie” Gray, painter John Everett Millais, and art critic John Ruskin.

The nineteen girl married the art critic John Ruskin (played by Greg Wise, Emma’s husband), but Ruskin refused to consummate their marriage.

5. Bridget Jones’s Baby

Emma Thompson rewrote the screenplay for the third Bridget Jones movie, and she also has a small supporting role as Bridget’s ob-gyn, a funny and blunt woman.

She seems utterly amused by Bridget’s predicament and Emma is hilarious as usual.

6. Last Christmas

Emma co-wrote this holiday rom-com with her husband Greg Wise. It is based on George Michael’s music. Emma Thompson co-stars as Emilia Clarke‘s mother, a Slavic woman very attached to traditions and exhausted by life far from her homeland.

Emma also rewrote parts of the script of Pride and prejudice, that’s why she has a “special thanks” credit at the end of the movie.

Who is Leo Grande?

Dear Emmaholics, as you know Emma is busy shooting the new film Good luck to you Leo Grande in which she plays a middle-aged woman in search of adventures and runs into a young man who calls himself a sex-therapist.

The name of the young actor who should play the part of 20-year-old Leo is not yet known. Who would you prefer in this role? Among the young actors I really like Fionn Whitehead, who has already worked brilliantly with Emma in The children act and I also like Thomas Brodie Sangster.

Come on, let’s bet for fun: who do you think will play the role of Leo?

Make a prediction on our Facebook page about who will be the male protagonist of the film 🙂

Elinor, Edward and Lucy

Lunchtime. Long rehearsal with Imogen Stubbs as Lucy, in the scene where Edward comes in and finds her with Elinor. There are eighteen setups. It will take two days. […] Very difficult scene and all a little tired but good concentration nonetheless. Four people in a room, each with entirely different motives and reactions to the same situation… – Emma Thompson (Sense and Sensibility Diaries)