Pamela’s English tweeds

Costume designer Daniel Orlandi dressed Emma’s Travers as a “stubborn woman who wouldn’t give up English tweeds”.

As Pamela Travers becomes more comfortable with Walt Disney and with California, she becomes slightly less buttoned-up and she wears a bright olive dress that accentuates Emma’s curves.

Emma Thompson – Pamela Travers

Orlandi says that he had to make the dress that P. L. Travers wears to the Mary Poppins premiere much more conservative than the one worn by the real Travers because he feared Emma Thompson looked too sexy compared to the austere lady she was bringing on stage.

Pamela Travers dress
Emma Thompson – Saving Mr Banks

Did you know that…

…the scene in which Pamela Travers gets on the ground and digs was Emma Thompson’s idea?

Paul Giamatti and Emma Thompson

According to the script she should only have kneeled but Emma said, “No, she should properly sit down on her ass on the ground.”

And that physical act has been great because it has changed the way of seeing Pamela.

Supporting actors: Paul Giamatti

Saving Mr. Banks is about the story that linked Walt Disney and Pamela Lyndon Travers, author of Mary Poppins.

In the film, Paul Giamatti plays Ralph, the only fictional character in the screenplay, who is the writer’s personal driver.

Paul Giamatti – Saving Mr. Banks

Ralph is very kind and somehow befriends the impossible Mary Poppins author P.L. Travers.

He is a great actor, even just as a driver in a supporting role and the scene in which the two greet each other at the airport is very emotional and delicate.

Paul Giamatti playing Ralph

She reveals that she considers him the only American she ever liked and she signs a book for Ralph’s daughter, a girl with disabilities, who is in a wheelchair.

Emma Thompson and Paul Giamatti

Great chemistry between them.