Christopher Reeve

Today marks the 16th anniversary of Christopher Reeve’s death. We honor him with a clip from the movie “The remains of the day”, shot two years before Reeve’s accident.

“I have to say this: you are, all of you, amateurs and International affairs should never be run by gentlemen amateurs. Do you have an idea of what sort of a place the world is becoming all around you?”.

Amanda Watson (how to build a girl)

Beanie Feldstein

The movie introduces an overweight misfit teenager with a talent for writing, engaging in conversations with the posters in his room and struggling with general skepticism, who decides to change her look to achieve success.

Emma Thompson – How to build a girl

Emma, amazing as always, stars in a pivotal scene as the magazine editor Amanda Watson.

Emma Thompson and Beanie Feldstein

The film is based on Caitlin Moran‘s semi-autobiographical novel and is directed by Coky Giedroyc.

Emma Thompson stars as Amanda Watson

Here is a short extract of the scene played by Emma.

How to build a girl – Emma Thompson

Emma keeps her Oscars… in the bathroom 🚽

Emma Thompson keeps her Oscars in the downstairs loo of her London home.

“It’s full of my most precious possessions,” she said.

Emma Thompson ‘s Oscars

Kate Winslet reveals that she got the idea from Emma Thompson, and she also keeps her Best Actress Oscar in toilet to allow people the chance to have some alone time with the special gong.

“I remember when I went to Emma Thompson’s house when I was much younger and didn’t have an Oscar. Her Oscar was on the back of the loo and I picked it up and then years later I was giving my own speech. I couldn’t believe it. Never give up on your dreams,” said Kate Winslet.

Emma Thompson’s Oscars

Henry Golding posed with Emma’s Oscars in her bathroom pretending to give the thank you speech in front of the mirror. He took the photos with his mobile phone.

Emma ‘s bathroom