Alone in Berlin (2016)

The film is based on the Hans Fallada’s novel “Every man dies alone”, originally published in 1947.

Director Vincent Pérez decided to turn the book into a film. It’s the story of two ordinary people, Otto and Anna Quangel, who do something extraordinary. After the loss of their son to the war, they decide to fight the Nazis writing 286 postcards to urge other people to stand fiercely against Hitler.

I’ve noticed that so many directors wish to have Emma in the cast as leading actress, especially in dramatic roles. In fact Pérez says Emma was the only person he considered for that role and as we can see, she’s spot on as usual.

Alone in Berlin

Scene comparisons (1993 vs 2016)

Please, look at this!

  • 1 – The remains of the day (1993), Emma playing Miss Kenton at the window.
  • 2 – Alone in Berlin (2016), Emma acting the part of Anna Quangel in a flower shop.

Similar scenes in different movies, and is fascinating to note how Emma’s performance has become so emotional over the years.

Scene comparisons – Emma Thompson

Queste due scene sono molto simili: la prima è tratta dal film “Quel che resta del giorno” del 1993 mentre la seconda, più recente, è tratta da “Lettere da Berlino”, film drammatico del 2016.

È interessante notare l’evoluzione interpretativa di Emma attraverso gli anni. La bellezza è rimasta intatta mentre la presenza scenica è diventata ancora più imponente, con note di grande intensità.

Emma Thompson over the years