We should all fly less

Emma is actively involved to defend the environment but in April 2019 she was lambasted for her decision to fly from the US to attend a climate change protest in central London.

When the interviewer asked if she was prepared for all the criticism and accusations of being a hypocrite se said: “I may well be hypocritical by flying but I’m conscious of flying so I fly much less, but sometimes I have to when I’m working. But I’ll continue to find ways to get to places without flying”.

I think they’ve been looking for a pretext to discredit her activism because that clearly annoys someone in high places.

Emma Thompson

The cry of nature

Yesterday the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Living Planet Report 2020 sounds the alarm for global biodiversity, showing an average 68% decline in animal population sizes tracked over 46 years (1970-2016).

It reports that this catastrophic decline is largely due to the environmental destruction caused by humans.

Living planet report 2020

Emma Thompson – climate change

We can no longer ignore this alarm cry from nature, we must take responsibility for the environment and the animals that are threatened with extinction because of our irresponsible behaviour!

Emma Thompson has always been sensitive to environmental issues, she is a Greenpeace and Extinction Rebellion activist and in 2015 she participated in the official campaign video to inspire people with the message to act and use their power to change climate change.