Cruella press conference

Emma Thompson is the antagonist and we rarely see her in a villainous role absolutely but she is able to play the bad guy for once.

“I drew on the life, obviously. I think if my husband were in the room, he’d say, no acting required, really. I had such fun doing her because I think I’ve been asking for quite a number of years if I could be a villain, a proper villain. I spent decades playing what my mother used to call, “Good women in frocks.” And, now I got to play a really evil woman in frocks. But, oh boy the frocks. I mean they wore me, actually, I had just the best, best time. Every time Em and I would come on set, we’d just look at each other and walk around each other like we were sculptures or works of art or something, which we were”.

Emma Thompson – Baroness Von Hellmann

Did you know that…

… during the shooting of Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang, there was a bizarre problem with animals in one scene?

The piglets were not giving listening to the director.

The main problem that White and the crew members were forced to face on set was the scene where the pigs run away from the children: the pigs had a lot of fun being caught and pampered and, consequently, they didn’t like the idea of having to flee.