Greg says Emma encouraged him to do “Strictly”.

Greg has revealed that Emma persuaded him to turn down a film deal to take part in Strictly Come Dancing.

He admitted he had been deliberating over whether to take part in the BBC One ballroom competition as he already had a movie in the pipeline that would have been quite nicely paid.

In the end he opted for the TV show, paying homage to the memory of his sister, a great dance enthusiast.

Greg Wise – Strictly 2021

Strictly Come Dancing 2021

Greg Wise is taking to the stage, in memory of his sister. “My beautiful sister was a huge disco queen,” he said. “She left our world almost exactly 5 years ago in a glitter ball coffin. This is for her. My gorgeous Diva sis, who would have been insane with excitement that her little bro was doing this.

We are all rooting for him! 🍀

Greg Wise

Please, choose love! ❤️

Choose Love has raised millions to support refugees and created a movement of people putting love into action around the world.

Emma and Greg choose love, not only at Christmas! 🎄

Poor old Greg 🤣🤣🤣🙈🎄

Greg Wise – Choose Love
Emma Thompson – Choose Love
Choose Love
Emma Thompson and Greg Wise – Choose Love
Emma Thompson and Greg Wise – Choose Love
Greg Wise – Choose Love
Choose Love

Emma Thompson and…

Greg Wise!

Greg Wise

Before he began shooting his first important movie, Sense and Sensibility, Greg Wise received a psychic prediction from a friend that he’d meet his future wife on the film’s set.

“Whereas everyone else on the film set was married,” Wise revealed “I thought, It had to be Kate Winslet”. So he invited her to the Glastonbury music festival. But she was bored and he thought “it won’t work!”.

Emma and Branagh divorced and Kate Winslet helped make a love connection for the pair.

Emma and Greg Wise were married in 2003, they have a daughter, Gaia, and an adopted son, named Tindyebwa Agaba, coming from Rwanda.

Emma says that Greg can cook, wash up, clean, entertain children, understand maths homework, put up shelves, and get on with her mother.

Emma and Greg co-wrote the script of Last Christmas, a 2019 romantic comedy film.

In 2020 they have become honorary citizens of Venice.

Effie Gray (2014)

The story of Effie Gray, that took place in the Victorian age, is full of unanswered questions. It’s based on the true story of John Ruskin, a visionary art critic and his young wife Effie: he never touched his wife because perhaps he imagined her pure, pale and he couldn’t love her in the flesh.

Ruskin (Greg Wise) was not attracted to Effie (Dakota Fanning), he probably expected her to be the same as the white, Greek statues that he used to study and admire, so when he first saw her naked he was shocked. In the film, from a screenplay written by Emma Thompson, there is no conclusion as to why Ruskin rejected her.

Emma Thompson plays Lady Eastlake, a nice woman who breaks stereotypes about the sullenness of Victorian women and asks her questions and receives answers so she decides to guide Effie out of her unhappy marriage. For Effie she is like a light in the darkness.

Luckily for Effie, the story has a happy ending: she secures an annulment after proving her husband had never consummated their union, and then she marries the artist John Everett Millais.

Effie Gray is a slow movie, actors act on tiptoe, the viewers perceive the dramatic mood, the whispers and the tears. Lady Eastlake is the only cheerful person, the only one who laugh heartily in the scene in which she leaves the house of Ruskins and gets into the carriage with her husband, played by James Fox.

Some scenes were shot in Venice. It’s exciting Effie’s escape through the alleyways chased by the naughty Venetian man played by Riccardo Scamarcio.