Emma Thompson and…

Meryl Streep!

Meryl Streep

When the two actresses meet, they form an iconic duo.

They’ve been good friends since they worked together on the set of the American miniseries “Angels in America”.

They shot a scene where they kissed passionately and Emma revealed to the interviewer that Meryl Streep is a very good snogger.

“There was no stone unturned, my God, that’s for sure,” Emma exclaimed.

Emma Thompson and Meryl Streep – The kiss

Meryl Streep awarded Emma the gong for Best Actress at the National Board Of Review Awards for her performance as P. L. Travers on Saving Mr Banks and then, when Emma missed out an Oscar nomination for that role, she sent her a heartfelt email expressing her shock over Emma’s exclusion from the Best Actress nominations at the Oscars and Emma wrote her back and said: “Good” 😁

Meryl Streep described Emma as someone who: “Is a real writer, and she has a relish for the well-chosen word. But some of the most sublime moments in Saving Mr. Banks are completely wordless …

I’m talking about her relentlessness when she has her verbal dukes up, and then it moves to the relaxation of her brow when she retreats into the past. It’s her stillness, her attentiveness to her younger self; her perfect aliveness, her girlish alertness.