Supporting actors: Jason Watkins

Let’s talk about Jason Watkins playing Nigel Pauling, Fiona’s clerk, in The children act. Fiona is a high court family judge and Nigel is her fussy and helpful clerk.

Jason Watkins – The children act

He dedicates his time looking after her, bringing her coffee, brushing down her robes before a trip, keeping her up to date with everything that happens, opening the car door for her, announcing the presence of Adam, who followed her, during a business dinner.

Emma Thompson and Jason Watkins

He is always there but keeps a safe distance, without bothering her, he is so devoted to this important woman and his world revolves around the desire to always be impeccable and loyal to her.

Their relationship is hierarchical and Watkins is really comfortable in the role he plays, it seems that he has been a clerk all his life.

Emma Thompson and Jason Watkins – The children act

Excellent and convincing performance; good job, Jason!