Dressed like a parrot

Emma talks about her dress on the Graham Norton Show. She voices a parrot named Poly, in the film “Dolittle”, that’s why she is dressed like that!

Look at the following video, she is just hilarious as usual! 😂

Emma: I went into Selfridges and I said: “have you got anything that would make me look like a parrot?”. And they said: “Right this way, Madame!”.

“When I came out, I then realized that they had made me look like a parrot that had mated with Elton John! But I’m quite happy“.

Emma Thompson dressed like a parrot

I translate for my Italian friends.

Emma racconta: entrai da Selfridges (nota catena britannica di grandi magazzini) e chiesi: “Avete qualcosa che mi faccia sembrare un pappagallo?”. E loro risposero: “ Certo, signora!”.

“Quando uscii, mi resi conto che mi avevano fatto sembrare sì un pappagallo, che però si era accoppiato con Elton John! Ma sono abbastanza contenta”.


Photo bombing

There are so many reasons for me to love Emma Thompson. First of all because she’s my favourite actress and also because she is so smart and witty, she’s always kind with her fans, and she is absolutely funny! She is not arrogant and even on the red carpet she is able to play down and joke!


The Graham Norton Show – Emma Thompson