We should all fly less

Emma is actively involved to defend the environment but in April 2019 she was lambasted for her decision to fly from the US to attend a climate change protest in central London.

When the interviewer asked if she was prepared for all the criticism and accusations of being a hypocrite se said: “I may well be hypocritical by flying but I’m conscious of flying so I fly much less, but sometimes I have to when I’m working. But I’ll continue to find ways to get to places without flying”.

I think they’ve been looking for a pretext to discredit her activism because that clearly annoys someone in high places.

Emma Thompson

My dream

Obviously this is a photomontage that I made with Picsart but I really hope that one day I can fulfill my dream of meeting Emma.

She owns a house in Italy and that makes me be optimistic because I feel that this gives me some more chance 😍

Emma and I (fake photo 😜)

Walk of Fame

Emma Thompson has been honored with 2,416th Star on The Hollywood Walk Of Fame outside the historic Pig ‘n’ Whistle pub on Hollywood Boulevard on 6 August 2010.

Owning a star in front of a famous pub on Hollywood Boulevard is so appropriate, for Emma!

“It’s the last thing you step on before you get your first drink and the last thing you step on when you reel out,” she joked.

Maggie Gyllenhaal and Hugh Laurie, were on hand for the midday ceremony and they both gave a speech in honor of Emma.

The protagonist of Sense and sensibility had a pint of beer on her new piece of terrazzo real estate in the company of a piglet.

Emma dedicated her star to her late father, Eric Thompson, recalling him taking her to the Walk of Fame when they were in Los Angeles in 1970.

“We looked at all the stars and I remember being really fascinated by this, thinking, `What a lovely thing to do, put people’s names in the pavement where everyone walks about all the time,’ I was thrilled by that”, Emma said.

Waiters at The Ivy

In 2012 Emma and her fellow actors participated in a charity event, turning into waiters for one night. 

They worked in a restaurant for the Ivy’s One Night Only event in aid of the Combined Theatrical Charities

Jim Carter, Imelda Staunton, Greg Wise and Allen Leech worked as waiters, Elizabeth McGovern was a hostess in the same restaurant.

Emma was really happy to join the serving staff at The Ivy, the restaurant better known for its celebrity diners.

Love song

Bill Bailey dusted off an old hit, making a parody of and poking fun at the earnestness of romantic rock. In Love Song, a solitary, obsessive man’s life is turned upside down by a mysterious woman, played by Emma Thompson.

She shows him a new world and for a moment, he is in paradise.

Unfortunately the video is no longer available on the web then, if any of you have the video, I would be happy if you shared it on my blog, thank you.

Emma Thompson and Bill Bailey
Emma Thompson and Bill Bailey
Love song – Emma Thompson and Bill Bailey


According to a study that reveals the shocking underreporting of harassment, nearly seven in every 10 British women who have been sexually assaulted didn’t tell the police. 

Emma Thompson, an ambassador for ActionAid, shared a message with girls and women around the world in response.

“I am my own property. I am myself,” she said “I have jurisdiction over my body and no-one can take that away from me under any circumstances without my consent. Property of me. That’s my message.”

Emma Thompson – #MyBodyIsMine