Emma Thompson and…

Hugh Grant!

Hugh Grant – The remains of the day

When Graham Norton asked Hugh Grant how he felt about the leading ladies he’s worked with, he said Emma Thompson is “clever, funny, and mad as a chair”.

Emma and Hugh worked together in Impromptu, The remains of the day, Sense and sensibility and Love actually.

Edward’s proposal scene is very romantic. When Elinor finds out that he is not married, she bursts into uncontrollable tears. This has become an iconic scene, but during the shooting Hugh Grant said: “This is my final speech, don’t you wanna cry that hysterical way all the time?” and Emma answered: “Yes, let’s do it, it would be nice!”.

Sense and sensibility (1995)

Emma Thompson is the only actor to win Academy Awards for both acting and writing. She won the Best leading Actress Oscar for Howards End (1992) and the Best Adapted Screenplay for Sense and Sensibility (1995).

Emma’s screenplay mesmerized the audience giving birth to a masterpiece, in fact in my opinion Sense and sensibility, a 1995 British period drama film, is one of the most beautiful and touching films ever.

It was directed by Ang Lee and based on the novel by Jane Austen that was published in 1811 and that became a classic.

It offers a beautiful portrayal of 19th century middle class life, starring Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, Kate Winslet and Hugh Grant wearing gorgeous period costumes in the beauty of the English countryside.

When Mr Dashwood dies, the widowed Mrs. Dashwood and her three daughters (Elinor, Marianne, and Margaret) are forced to abandon their home by the neglect of their half-brother who inherits from their father.

The two older sisters represent opposite temperaments: Elinor, the oldest, is prudent, rational and she tends to keep emotions in check, whereas Marianne, the middle sister, is emotional, passionate and contemptuous of conventions. They behave differently, especially when it comes to feelings but they both experience lovelorn struggle, learning that they have to find a balance between sense and sensibility.

The movie is full of wonderful scenes: Edward e Elinor walking in the meadow, the nocturnal confidences of the two sisters, the dance in the beautiful and majestic ballroom, the sudden thunderstorms that make the pleasant English countryside ghostly, giving it a romantically tragic look, colonel Brandon who carries Marianne in the rain.

I really think that the script and the performances are excellent: Emma brings brilliantly on screen the quiet, careful and thoughtful Elinor and Kate Winslet is perfectly comfortable in the role of her romantic and passionate sister. Good acting for both the actresses and excellent chemistry between them, they really look like sisters even in real life.

For me this is a must-see film, at least once in life.

Last chance Harvey (2008)

It’s a romantic drama about two lonely people who casually meet and feel a connection spending three days together telling each other about their loneliness and failures. Dustin Hoffman plays an American jingle maker who has lost his job and is in London to attend his daughter’s wedding as not very welcome guest, while Emma Thompson plays an English airport worker who has a disenchanted vision of love and spends her free time immersing herself in reading.

Harvey sees Kate who is having a solitary lunch at the airport cafeteria and starts speaking to her while she is reading her book.

She initially nicely resists his attentions, but soon they’re both glad to have found someone to chat with.

The two engage in a romance also unlikely and the movie is unpretentious but the presence of two great actors makes the film still enjoyable.

I’m not a big fan of love movies but when Emma plays a leading role, I can watch any kind of film.

The faces of Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson are so cute and real, they look like two playful teenagers walking around London, under the trees, talking about one another, but in my opinion they don’t seem believable as a love couple, they don’t have the chemistry that Emma has always had with Anthony Hopkins, for instance; maybe it’s because of a not very intriguing and engaging script. This is a plot line that could be dull and boring if played out wrong.

Anyway both were nominated for the Golden Globe Award for this movie.

Gaia Wise, who is Emma’s daughter, plays the little girl at the wedding banquet who speaks to Kate and Harvey saying “you do know this is the children’s table?”.