Emma and Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts and Emma Thompson, two great actresses I’d like to see acting together. During the interview Julia approaches Emma and expresses her disappointment because Emma didn’t get nominated for an Oscar despite a masterful performance in the movie Saving Mr. Banks.

But we know that Emma has always been an awkward character for Hollywood. On several occasions, she has spoken harsh words against the Hollywood system and it’s dominance of the movie industry, that’s the reason Hollywood snubs the brilliant British actress!

“How stupid is that she didn’t get nominated for an Oscar!”.

Thank you for your kind words, Julia Roberts!🙂


“I am devoted to tea; it’s something I’ve always loved ever since I was really quite little. I only use Williamson Magor, which has been running since 1869. I like to eat oatcakes for breakfast – I warm them up and have them with a bit of honey”.

Emma Thompson

Emma Thompson drinking tea

Who is Leo Grande?

Dear Emmaholics, as you know Emma is busy shooting the new film Good luck to you Leo Grande in which she plays a middle-aged woman in search of adventures and runs into a young man who calls himself a sex-therapist.

The name of the young actor who should play the part of 20-year-old Leo is not yet known. Who would you prefer in this role? Among the young actors I really like Fionn Whitehead, who has already worked brilliantly with Emma in The children act and I also like Thomas Brodie Sangster.

Come on, let’s bet for fun: who do you think will play the role of Leo?

Make a prediction on our Facebook page about who will be the male protagonist of the film 🙂

Elinor, Edward and Lucy

Lunchtime. Long rehearsal with Imogen Stubbs as Lucy, in the scene where Edward comes in and finds her with Elinor. There are eighteen setups. It will take two days. […] Very difficult scene and all a little tired but good concentration nonetheless. Four people in a room, each with entirely different motives and reactions to the same situation… – Emma Thompson (Sense and Sensibility Diaries)

Emma Thompson as Miss Trunchbull in Netflix’s Matilda

Dame Emma Thompson will play scary headteacher Miss Trunchbull in Netflix’s musical adaptation of Matilda.

Matilda is based on Roald Dahl’s 1988 novel of the same name.

It follows the story of a young girl named Matilda, who has the gift of telekinesis, and who uses her power for good against her mean parents and terrifying school principal, Miss Trunchbull, who will be played by Emma Thompson.

The lead role of Matilda will go to 11-year-old newcomer Alisha Weir.

The film is directed by Matthew Warchus.

Emma Thompson as Miss Trunchbull