Emma Thompson to voice Christmas experience

Our beloved Emma has recorded a collection of festive extracts and quotes from Jane Austen’s letters and novels and you can listen to her voice on this site: https://janeaustens.house/dame-emma-thompson-to-voice-christmas-experience/.

Christmas audio extracts voiced by Emma include scenes from Emma, Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion, as well as extracts from Jane Austen’s letters to her sister Cassandra and friend Martha Lloyd.

Emma’s voice 😍

Did you know that…

… Emma produced the film “Sold”, starring Gillian Anderson, based on a Patricia McCormick’s novel, which is based on real-life accounts?

Sold is about slavery in modern India, a topic close to Emma, who has always fought for equality between men and women and against poverty, which is the main cause of social inequalities.

“Because of ‘Sold’s’ marvelous script and courageous and brilliant cast, it is a story that we can all watch – so that we may understand the processes of slavery in modern India and feel able to act without feeling the kind of rage and hopelessness that gets in the way of doing anything,” Emma Thompson said.