Richard Eyre about Emma

The main character in the movie “The children act” is a workaholic High Court judge, harsh but human, with a troubled marriage and a work going well. Why the film director chose Emma Thompson to play this role?

Richard Eyre, the famous English film director, talks about Emma Thompson:

“When Ian Mc Ewans and I were first talking about making a movie of his novel, we discussed who could play it and the difficult thing is that there is only one person in the world who can play this part and it’s a terrible position to be in, if you wanting to make a film and there is only one actor in the world who can do it and if that one actor says no, then there is no film.

And it’s true, it would have been folly to make this story without Emma because she is definitive and she really carries you emotionally and intellectually to play scenes that are really complicated and profound.

She has a warmth about her, she is immediately sympathetic, you feel she is somebody who you can love, you want to be part of her life, and her intelligence and her wit which shines through”.

That’s the best compliment an actor could receive!

Richard Eyre talks about Emma Thompson

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