Crying scenes

In my opinion Emma is the most capable actress in playing scenes of crying.

There are several notable scenes but for me her most memorable crying scenes are 6:

  • 1 – Sense and sensibility, Elinor eventually cries from happiness when Edward reveals he’s not married.
  • 2 – Love actually, she cries for anger and disappointment because of her husband’s betrayal. She behaves with great dignity, crying all alone in the bedroom, and then she comes back to her children, with a smile on her face. Astonishing performance!
  • 3 – Saving Mr Banks, crying gives her relief after pretending for so many years.
  • 4 – The children act, Fiona cries for the sense of powerlessness and defeat facing death.
  • 5 – The remains of the day, she is finally resigned because she understands that Mr Stevens shall never declare his love and all her dreams are broken.
  • 6 – The remains of the day, Miss Kenton cries for the regrets of what could have been and has not been. Unfortunately it’s too late and it’s time to say goodbye. Very sad moment.

Emma is a very empathetic actress and her suffering scenes on-screen are the same that all of us have experienced in real life.

She says: cry once during the movie but do it well!

Saving Mr Banks – ending scene

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